World Wide Water

weather is a vibe of reality. evening is a best time to feel the sense of time and space. winter is the way to our souls. white the color of innocence . we can open the white box of memories about childhood. people cannot escape this feeling. personal memories are mixed with memories of all of us. and we could share the common memory under the Christmas tree

Ян Лисин
worldwide water is in the air it flyes in /he sky it rains it snows it lies on mountain flows in rivers and our blood. it contains all the memory of the world. if youare quiet enough and keeping silence yyou could hear the whisper of time which bites its own tail. the soul of the time is not devided into billions souls it is connected to each person in the world by www. I think David is Wright we are all the parts of the one big puzzle and we can see the wholepicture if we will fly up to the sky with clouds of www

Ян Лисин
human soul is memory about itself. it lives its own live in the own time. personal time consists of memories of emotions a`d depends on them, because every feeling changes memory. and changes the sense of time. the sense of time is a liquid part of liquid life if flows and changes everytime

time is endless potential of living. i think world wide water lives its live through us and makes a perceptionof itself through our perception , or memories make it grow. it is getting wider with each feeling and thought . our souls our personalities is cells of world wide water. nothing is stable neither water nor human live

Ян Лисин
Some elements are different they can change itself like water can turnto ice and steam. Autistic person can live in three different reaties at the same time. We can switch them but sometimes we can stuck in the liquid stage. End i think this stage is something between life and death. Liquid people is neither dead not alive.
Liquid memory is a part of every person and conects us in time and space. But autistic people cannot find the way out to the point where and when they live

Ян Лисин
NO I'm a fish my world is a sea and this magic glue is between liquid end stable realities

some people think reality is made for them but we make our own realities and we can change the m if we change ourselves

  Иона Сафонов
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